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Hey you. I’m the man behind the scenes. My name is Tobias Wagner and i’m coming from Germany. I just finished my masters in mechatronics and started this project while i’m having three months until i’m working for a company. I started animating with blender, when i began my final master thesis in a company. I created 12 Learning videos for them and had a lot of fun, getting into CG.

From that moment on i invested a lot of time starting Wanimation and eventually CG-World.

I’m a young married family father and just got my first daughter. My dream would be to create tutorials, textures and HDRI’s fulltime, but to do that, i would need a lot of patreons. Let’s see if this dream comes true one day. I’m starting small and i’m pretty excited where the future goes to.

Thanks for visiting this side and have fun with the free 3D stuff!

Tobias Wagner

Wanimation – Videos with impact

Tobias und Sina Wagner GbR