[1] Privacy and Briefing

In this step the terms of privacy are getting clarified. Furthermore the client illustrates the basic parameters of the project. These parameters contain important information like the length of the video, the goals or the technical and informative content for example. The client decides if the storyboard gets created by himself or by Wanimation.

[2] Storyboard

Now the storyboard has to be written. It contains the single scenes, the audio text and sketches. The finished Storyboard has to be released to cross over to the next step.

[3] Audio

The Audio files are getting recorded. These files set up the base of the video and have to be released to continue with the next step.

[4] Objects

The objects are getting created in a 3D-Software. CAD-files save a lot of time in this process if available. These objects need an approval of the client as well to move over to step 5. Step 3 and 4 are able to run parallely.

[5] Rough cut

The single scenes are getting animated roughly for providing the client an insight into what it could look like in the end.

[6] Fine cut

The animation gets smoothed out and requests of the client are getting included. Also the lighting and the camera are optimized in this step.

[7] Finalization

The video gets finished and eventually transferred to the client.

WANIMATION – videos with impact
Tobias und Sina Wagner GbR